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andy b

scab on my spuds

I have had my veg plot for the last 4 years it's on my mates farm and was a free range duck pen for  a lot of years it'about 100 yds x 30 yds  i have had some good crops of spuds but they all way have scab what can i do to stop this next crop ????

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

                   regards to all Andy

Not so sure that is scab. Scab is usually small roundish orangy -brown marks that tends to look like the end of a cork.
Often caused by dry light loamy soil, its only sin deep and once the tuber is peeled okay to eat.
Too much manure in the soil, this drying out over the summer can also cause scab like marks. Basically not enough water being the main cause of scab.
There are many spuds that are considered to be scab resistant. Tuckers seed catalogue lists many of them. Worthwhile sending for...
hope that helps.

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