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Save our beleagered dairy farmers.

Here's one idea as to how some of our beleaguered  dairy farmers might be able to use to escape the clutches of the supermarkets. It makes for an interesting read.

It's a great concept. And it might' indeed does work for a few dairy farmers. Trouble is the supermarkets are here, and they've grown to what they are in order to efficiently distribute food to the masses, and they're not going to go away. The basic idea of selling what you produce direct to the consumer is definitely to be promoted but it will only ever be a minority thing these days. The masses will go to the supermarket where they have been conditioned to expect cheap prices and poor quality mass produced food.
Also having an ethical small  business producing high quality produce doesn't make it any easier to be profitable, and at the end of the day that's the make or break.

Hughsesy there is also that magic thing called income. People can so easily be convinced that:
1. they are poor and can only afford cheap supermarket
2. they can prove that they are poor and can't afford ethics
3. they can't understand what the ethics of food production are because they have no contact with any food producers like farmers or veg growers
4. if it's in the supermarket the suppliers must be making a profit or they wouldn't go on doing so.

Most of the UK has lost contact with producing food. Or anything else for that matter and need a lot of education - if they can be tempted to be educated.

I agree that it wont work for many. There's an increasing small percentage of people who believe in eating real food but they're scattered all over the place, so distribution has got to be a big stumbling block.
The farm that Grandma Bodger used to live next door to was demolished years ago. It was the farm that I worked on as a kid and the farmer did a milk round and also sold eggs and potatoes etc. When we first went to live there in 1962 the old boy still delivered his produce in a horse and cart but quickly modernised and got a van.

Our dairy farmers are safe as most supply one huge company and the super markets have to buy from them   there are other companies that Fountaira (SP) has to supply milk to at cost so we have others plus there is a law that allows farmers to sell direct to the public up to 10litres at a time.This is very old and was set up so rural people could get their milk without having to go into town in the days of horse n carts BuT still stands. Cheapest milk at moment is from a butchers chain

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