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Save Our bees

I was sent this today and thought it might be of interest. Please sign the petition if you agree.

Pesticides are killing bees and threatening our food supply. In 24 hours, shareholders at the biggest chemical producer, Bayer, could vote to stop their toxic production. Massive public pressure has forced this debate, now letís make sure they vote to save the bees! I just signed an emergency petition, you can join me here:

Thank you

Done - the signatures were zooming up as I was on the site and were at 555 741 when I pressed send  

Done and was over 572,000  

 Over 575.000

good on you all not much point me doing it, wrong address  

Let's hope this worked.

The shareholders meeting started at 10:00 this morning (Friday 27th)
One for the Pot

My neighbour is the chairman of our local bee society, we've definately signed...fingers crossed.


well done people! had it come through to me as well so signed and sent. the problem is its the big boys that make the rules unless we sort it we are in trouble.

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