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Save our bees, sign up and get fre bee friendly seeds

Just found this link

free packet of seeds to save the bees, looks like it could be worth an Email

goodpost.gif Pils!!! We really need to help where we can!


I've registered too; we need that honey for the mead!

I have signed up

We need the flowers to make the pollen, to feed the bees to make the honey, for me to make the Mead.

Yes, good one, thanks.

  Me nd Rich got our Free Seed's today  
A "Wild Flower" Mix not a clue what will spring up but will scatter them about as instructed in March  

They've run out of the free seeds - but still a good site!

Got mine today

Made pdf brochure into nice book for great-granddaughter to take to school

and so did we.
Fey Dunnabitt

Sowing those seeds won’t help the bees. They are disappearing because of the power of the multi-nationals that produce and market pesticides, GM crops, antibiotics and other synthetic chemicals.

Every time you buy or use any product from Bayer, Monsanto, Rhone-Poulenc (Frontline, for instance) Baumaux.... (fill in lots more) ... you’re helping to kill the bees. Sowing these seeds is a sop to your inquietude, but no help at all in saving the bees.

I haven’t got time to translate these pages myself, but you can do it with Babelfish to get a rough idea.
There’s a DVD as well.

Here’s a translated excerpt:  

The bees don’t seem to be grateful for this « industry of apiculture » which has so kindly cherished them for decades by giving them:

The best remedies – the most powerful antibiotics, including Terramycin, and acaricides such as Apistan and now Hivastan

Enough food to stuff them: good white sugar from sugar-beets, delicious maize syrup made from the best GM varieties, and nutritional supplements (made, for example, in the USA, from GM cotton oil, GM soya flour, GM soya oil, GM rape oil...)

Travels across thousands of kilometers to the eastern agricultural deserts

Surroundings of monocultures to ensure quantity of harvest, if not quality.

Pollen and nectar enriched with a cocktail of fungid¡cides, herbicides and insecticides.

Assisted reproduction with artificial insemination of the “best” selected queens

Last year, there were 400,000 empty hives in Poland, 600,000 in Spain, between 25 and 80% of colonies in Germany, 45% in France, betwen 30 and 80% in Switzerland..
. So it goes on. It’s the same for butterflies and moths.

The practice of “wrapping” (I don’t know it Englsih) seeds for large-scale cultures such as rape, maize or sunflowers, in a wrapping containing systemic pesticide,s is one if the main reasons for the poisoning. The bees no longer have any natural resistance to viruses or fungal infections.

It’s quite a technically detailled article, well worth reading, and I should be doing something else, so I can’t translate it all now, but if you want to save bees, you’ll do more by avoiding giving either pennies or credulity to the Big Pharma and Big Agri companies than you will by sowing “bee-friendly” seeds.

Remember Rachel Carson and 'Silent Spring'? Well worth reading now, if you didn't read it then (or weren't even a twinkle in your daddy's eye at the time.)

I know that writing this won’t be popular, but it’s true and it’s too important to let it go.


every little helps, and flowers will certainly help.  
bees were hit hard quite a while ago with the veroa pest, it is still around but more under control.

and remember peeps, you dont just have to sow flower seeds for the bees, veggies have flowers too  

ps, i noticed we have a lot of bumble bees coming out of the ground here.....    i love bumble bees...
Fey Dunnabitt

Well, Mogs, most of France is thick with wildflowers; the Midi-Pyrénées, where I spent last summer, is covered with flowers, orchards, woods, forests and flowering crops, covered – but apiculteurs in the Midi-Pyrénées still lost 40% of their colonies in 2007 and even more in 2008. It’s not the presence of flowers that’s needed, but the absence of poison. Spain is very flowery, too, but they’ve lost as many. The same goes for so many places.

Unless you plough through a lot of quite ‘boring’ (in a way) and difficult articles and reports, you can’t really know and it’s easier and happier to believe that sowing those flowers will help.

Would you use a map of Scotland if you wanted to get from London to Brighton, or would you rather have the facts? Most people, most of the time, are happy to use the maps of Scotland that are so kindly handed to us. If you stop buying products made by the firms who profit from bee-murder (what a huge gap in the market there will be for even more GM crops, once the natural food crops have gone – bet they’ve seen that and are already working on it – yum, yumm, think what we’ll be able to eat and how much more obesity there’ll be, oh goody, then the guvvamunt can issue some guidelines and Prozac) oops, digressing again – if people stop buying their products and if they keep saying and writing the reasons, saying and writing to the shops, to their MPs, to the Min of Ag of their country, to newspapers, to individuals, that just might help the bees.  

If you sow those seeds and still use RoundUp (or any other toxic product from those companies, or in fact anything at all from them) then you’re doing more harm than good and the bee-friendly flowers are just another part of the ‘feel-good factor’, a dangerous thing.

The only things that make a difference are, firstly, education (as you say elsewhere) but education involves taking the trouble to educate ourselves, first, then spreading that knowledge as much and as widely as possible; secondly, publicity; thirdly, the threat or promise of election (councillors, M.P’s, etc.) fourthly but most importanly, MONEY and PROFITS. If you don’t like what they do, don’t give them your money, but make sure you write and tell them and other people why.

The bee-friendly seeds are feel-good flowers for caring humans, but they won’t make the bees feel better, as long as most of what they eat is poisoned. If you sow the seeds, then use the chemicals that are killing bees, you’re scoring own goals.

Positivity is great, but it’s only useful if it’s based on realism; otherwise it’s just a way of keeping the rose-coloured specs firmly on while you walk into the fog and the sucking bog.

bees were hit hard quite a while ago with the veroa pest, it is still around but more under control.

The few bees that remain in the deserted hives, have, in many cases, twelve viral infections and many fungal ones, their resistance having been destroyed. The control has mostly been done using powerful antibiotics and fungicides; bees cannot cope with them and the cycle is worsened – but the profits for pharmaceutical companies increase, so the great god Mammon is happy.

Elsewhere, you say that education is the key and in this thread Stanley says that he’s made a booklet for his grand-daughter to take to school. That’s great, but wouldn’t it be even better if it contained more about the real reasons ? Otherwise it’s an abuse and misuse of the genuine caring and willingness to act. All the people who send for those seeds and sow them - people in this forum and elsewhere - and, in some but not all cases, the people/companies distributing the seeds  - are people who care a lot, or they wouldn’t take the trouble, but that caring is being misled, wasted; those people who care could be doing differently and more usefully, but only if they haven’t got synthetic wool pulled over their eyes.

your point has been duely noted,

but, i can assure you, i do not walk around wearing rose coloured spectacles, and neither do most people on this forum or people i know personally.
most people are aware of pesticides and the likes, and to say, in not so many words, that most of the population is ignorant to these facts, to be honest i find insulting.

from where i am, you seem to have a lot of issues with governments, as a lot of us do, but your frustrations would be better taken up with them not people who, to all intents and purposes, are on a forum to do with country issues and living thier lives as green as they can. these people, including myself, are trying their hardest to help themselves and others from their homes, and most of it is done close to thier homes, buying selling etc, as believe it or not, imho, charity and clarity starts at home. once that is sorted one can move on.
it is ok moving around, as i have done in the past, but to fight things from a permanent base is a lot lot easier, and alot more gets done. flitting from one thing to another, one place to another is only running away, not solving anything. ( as you have seen and told us in a previous post about a petition or some other thing you left behind, but were totally disgusted that nothing had been done since you left, and as i said then, perhaps you should have stayed there, or perhaps now you should go back and take up the reigns again? )

we tend to be a happy bunch, look on the brighter side of things, but that does not mean we are flippant or bury our heads in the sand, as you have insinuated.

ps, there are sites that are more directly involved in saving the planet, perhaps your views, enthusiasm and energy for crusades, might have more effect there?
Fey Dunnabitt

Yes, I'm sure you're right and I'd been thinking I should leave OTG, as I just upset people without achieving anything. (You're wrong about "flitting about", though - it's not flitting about; it's just being NFA because I have no choice (no money and lots of illness) so I make the best of it. I'm terriby ill and handicapped and haven't got long, so I don't see why I shouldn't try to end in a nice place, rather than a cold, foggy one. It was so hard to get here - no-one could call it flitting.)
Thanks for your straightforwardness.
Off now - have fun.

perhaps fey, there are better ways of putting things to get your point accross?

i too am ill, disabled and living on borrowed time, literally, but try to be pleasant to others on the path i travel.
your words hit hard , but your imagination is good, and the descriptions you have given in the past on your travels have given us all pleasure.

keep fighting for what you believe in, and as wolfie used to say ' power to the people '    

excuse me ladies have five we all have different views and we all have stories to tell so lets just play nice
And no i,m not being flippant we all get our backs up on time but we have a real diverse community on OTG lets keep it that way
No one should feel they have to leave because their opinion is different to anothers

Anyway, .................

Going back a few posts, Yes Mog, I too have noticed quite a lot of bumblebees around in the last few weeks, and they are certainly big 'uns!

Makes me very happy to see them  

might be something to do with our area, both being in south wales....

We have got lots of huge bumble bees up here in North Wales as well - you can see them scouting out likely nesting sites at ground level

we got some decent shots of honey bees yesterday at southgate working hard on blackthorn flower  
post them later on  

Heres some pics of the Honey Bees we saw at Southgate was good to see so many busy and buzzing around for a change, seen quite a few Bumble Bees in our garden but they are appearing to bee abit camera shy at the moment  

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