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Save 30 a year

I was tempted by this new design of kettle that provides hot water by the cup within 3 seconds. It is supposed to save a household up to 30 a year by not having to boil too much water for every drink.

However, I read the reviews on Amazon and it has disappointed a lot of people because they feel that the water isn't hot enough for a cup of tea.

Back to the drawing room for the designers I think.

Yep, says the water comes out at just below boiling, to make a good cup of tea it needs to be boiling!

The savings are not as clear as you think. Its based on a single cup made at a time not a pot full for 3 or more. You could save the same or more by only filling your kettle with what you need. The quicker you heat an item the more power you use over a shorter time. In effect you use the same amount of power to raise the temp by the same degrees c on the same volume of water. Cant beat physics.


I bought a kettle that fits on top of the woodburner, so savings loads of electricity when the fire is burning!!!!  and the wood is free too!!

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