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Sausage recipe

This is a recipe for some sausages I made last night, don't have a name for them as I made it up as I went along. I kept them in the fridge over night, but couldn't wait any longer so had some for breakfast, very nice indeed!

I had approx 1.2 kilo's of pork shoulder with the fat kept on and added:
Water 220 grams
Salt 20 grams
Black pepper 2 grams
White pepper 2 grams
Nutmeg 2 grams
Mace 1 gram
Ginger (ground) 1 gram
Allspice .5 gram

I didn't have any rusk or breadcrumbs so added a packet of dried sage and onion stuffing mix (170 grams), not something I've added before but will do again, as I said very nice.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Recipes
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