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Sausage question.

I'm about to have a go at making some sausage, but one thing I'm  not sure about is....... if you want to add some veg (onion, garlic, leek etc etc) to your pork mixture is it ok to add it raw, or does it need to be cooked?

I add mine raw--but I'm sure some expert will be along to give you the definitive answer.

Funny you should ask that! I made a batch of pork & smoked bacon sausages over the weekend, & decided to add extra flavour & moistness by putting a couple of onions through the mincer along with the meat. I also found that I hadn't been been grinding the meat mix fine enough, & this was leading to a 'grainy' texture, & also causing the sausages to lose moistness. From now on, I'll definately be doing the same thing! I guess there's nothing to prevent you cooking them first though, just to soften them up & prevent them bursting the casings?

Its fine to add raw, just reuce the amount of water your recipe calls for to compensate.

We were pondering the very same thing the other evening, thanks folks!

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