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Sauerkraut (just for Debbie!)

debbie wrote:
...would love that sauerkraut recipe if you get chance.

2 cabbages, shredded finely
4oz rock salt

Mix the cabbage with a couple of tablespoons of the salt, & leave to wilt for 10 minutes or so. This lets you pack the dish tightly without bruising the cabbage too much. Place a layer of salt in the bottom of a deep earthernware dish, then a layer of cabbage. Add another sprinkling of salt & build it up until it's a couple of inches below the top of the dish. Seal with clingfilm & put a dishtowel over it, then put a close-fitting plate on top. Weight it with whatever you have to hand (I use boxes of cartridges. It needs to be heavy enough to compress the mixture, but it really doesn't matter what you use)

The idea is to let the mixture ferment in its own liquid for a few weeks. I leave mine for 5 whenever I make it. I don't make large batches though, as I don't have a big enough dish. If you want to scale it up though, a ratio of 50:1 cabbage to salt is about right, & it freezes well. Or you can seal it in jars & keep it in a cool dark place

Thanks WS, your a star.  does it matter waht sort of cabbage?  I have loads of hispi cabbage in the garden and was wondering if this would be good for some of the outer leaves or does it need to be white cabbage?

I think it would have to be a white cabbge Debbie? Something like Golden Acre or similar  

Not sure it would work with a darker cabbe, but I really don't know as I've never tried it with anything else

I thought it would be WS - cheap as anything to buy in season though so will keep an eye out and if the SK is a big hit grow some for next season

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