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sauce recipe

I need a nice light sauce recipe to go with pasta, fresh local lobster, crab and scallops and some tiger prawns.  don't fancy anything heavy and tomato based something light and fresh preferably incorporating something green.  Any ideas? - its for simon and I for dinner tonight so no special ocassion it just seems to be sea food season down here and we have an abundance - would be a shame not to do it justice

Single cream, spinach and a hint of paprika or chorizo?

Oooh yes - like the idea of spinach in it and a bit of heat from the chorizo and its smoked paprika would be good too

A very quick (cheating almost!!) sauce for pasta:

 stir  a good dollop of 'Boursin' into the hot, drained pasta while still in the pan. I use Lidl's version 'Crevee' with the herbs and garlic in it.  Delicious!

I suppose you could use any light cream cheese, adding what you want - garlic, chopped spinach, chives, chopped spring onions etc. etc.

I think a combination of both of your ideas with a slosh of dry white wine to let the sauce down a bit is on the cards

Watercress adds a bit of a bite to a white-ish sauce for fish - I use natural yoghurt in mine as well.

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