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Saltwater fishing

Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of some of the saltwater fishing opportunities we have. I've fished freshwater all my life until about five years ago when our kids moved to southern Florida.  So I've had the chance to just start exploring this type of fishing and wish I had another lifetime to figure it all out.

We do a bit of pier fishing when visiting our kids as the beach is only about 5 minutes away.  The picture below is the pier at Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The water is normally very clear and it's easy to spot fish, big rays and the occasional manatee.

Most of the time it's smaller fish but depending upon the time of year there can be some big King mackeral and other species.  Low cost fishing as $4 gets you a full day pass and includes your license.

Another alternative to get on the water without a boat are the party boats. They normally cost $40 for five hour trip and includes your license.  This was one we took over this Thanksgiving.  There was a pretty good bite and we ended up with a decent catch of yellow tail snapper.

The ride out to the reef areas.

A bit crowded that day so plenty of line tangles.

My son and I while traveling to a new spot. We normally take our lighter weight spinning gear to have more fun with these smaller fish as the boat provided tackle is quite heavy.

I remembered to take a picture after about half the snappers were filleted.  The cut on the throat marks our fish as they all go into a common ice cooler.

What type of saltwater fishing do you have available?

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