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salt tolerant

hedging, i'm on the look out for. Something fast  growing and will be tolerant against some major high winds and salty air. Any one living  fairly close to the beach got any suggestions?

Razor wire?

Can't think of it's name for the life of me but I've seen it on the Isle of Wight. Thorny, small leaf shrub with small, pale yellow flowers and can be trimmed into formal hedge or left to grow wild. Approx 6'ish. Jog anyones minds?
Rare one

could it be Berberis (juliane) thats spiky evergreen with yellow flowers and is very tolerant

Rosa Rugosa (spelling???) the one with the big hips- they are seen alot by the sea-and are very attractive

Sea buckthorn, ceanothus,escallonia,forsythia,pittosporum should all cope well with the salt air. What about using a mixture?? It would look very pretty. Love lizzie

thanks for all those, i'll start looking through them tonight  

I live near the coast, and I got some ideas from the following site.

Seabuckthorn, grisellinia, pampas grass.

Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
Seabuckthorn, grisellinia, pampas grass.

Pampas Grass???????

You know what means if you have one of those in the front garden

Well so I have been told

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