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Salt beef

I started my salt beef last night for bonfire night.  We are lucky enough to have one of the biggest bonfire and firework displays in the country about 5 minutes walk from WCF Towers so we always have a houseful.

Start by rubbing about 4oz of salt (I just use table salt for this, it's about the only time I do), into a rolled piece of brisket or silverside, about 12" long. Leave that overnight in the fridge, then rinse and dry.

Have a tupperware or ceramic dish for storing for about 10 days in the fridge. The rub is made up of :

4oz salt
3oz dark brown sugar
2oz + of ground black pepper
2 tbs groud coriander
1 tbs alspice
1 tbs ground ginger

Rub it all into the dried off meat, and stick in the fridge covered in cling film, turning once a day.

After 10 days, rinse off again and cover with water in a large pan.  I must admit I cut mine in half so I have two smaller pieces which cook more evenly I think. Anyway, simmer slowly on a very low heat for 3 hours at least.  It should fall apart.

We serve it with buns, and there's never any left  

Ooh! That sounds good! I may be tempted to buy some brisket and try it as a change from pork   Thanks

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