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.... anybody grown this? is it good?  
Captain Cockerel

I have eaten it.

Wasn't impressed.


It's a long thin root that is more difficult to grow than carrots, root seems to split if you just look at the tops - at least it did with me.  Not a great deal of taste, the black one (scoranza I think) looks much more exotic but again not much flavour.  I grew mooli instead - texture not as good but flavour better, radish but not too sharp.
But if you have already bought or been given the seeds, give it a go.

Thanks guys, no I havn't got any at the mo'
I went to the gardebn centre today to get some Jerusalem Artichokes, Jane asked me to have a look for some whilst there, but they didn't have any, might not bother now tbh.  

dam planted a couple of rows last week  

captainhastings wrote:
dam planted a couple of rows last week  

Guess you like it more than even you could imagine !

well I hope so lol been reading up on it and every one says it is nice until I saw this thread  . Ah well got plenty of room this year so we will see.

I'm obviously in a minority, 'cos I like it.

A mate of mine is a superb gardener and started growing it 'cos I mentioned it one night in the pub. The past couple of times he's grown it, he's not been happy 'cos it's forked but he'll persist until he's grown them to display bench standards -- that's just how he is.

So, on his behalf, I agree with this:

Carnach wrote:
It's a long thin root that is more difficult to grow than carrots, root seems to split if you just look at the tops...


Nice article here but maybe the easy and trouble free bit has been over stated  
Any way fingers crossed some comes up so we can have a sample in the winter  

I grew it quite a lot over the years.  If you are self sufficient in veg it makes a bit of a change.  I used to saute it in butter and it is not so sweet as parsnips so can be used to ring the changes  a bit.  Also if someone comes to eat with you they generally havent tried it so it makes a talking point]

Yield is nowhere near as good as parsnips and it is more difficult to harvest if you have heavy clay as I did.

You leave it in over winter and blanch the emerging shoots for something a bit different in the salad line.

Grow it if you have everything else growing fine and just want to try something different.  

One to definitely avoid is the Hamburg Parsley/Parsnip - total waste of time and effort.

Spot on DBE.....  

I've watched this thread with interest, not wishing to stick my nose in.But have to agree with you. Tried it once that was enough, but best of luck, why not? We all have different tastes,,,

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