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Salmon Petition

Had this sent to OH-thought some might be interested on here too!

The Salmon and Trout Assoc have launched a petition to demand that the Scottish Government relocate some west coast salmon farms from the migratory routes of wild salmon and sea trout.

Please, please, please!!!!   SIGN THIS PETITION – it will take less than a minute of your time and you can do so online by clicking the following link:

Please can you also forward this e-mail to ANYONE you know who cares about the dreadful plight of west coast salmon and sea trout.

We need many thousands of signatures if we are to take this to the Petitions Committee and force the Scottish Government to finally face up to their responsibilities and save Scotland’s west coast fish from the ravages of fish farm sea lice and escapees.

Thank you!

freckle, i agree with this petition 100%,but the is other factors ,when it come to salmon,over fishing of salmon ,their feeding grounds in the north sea are over fished,and seals ,and pollution.are all big killers of salmon.In the west cost of ireland we have loads of salmon rivers were the  fish farms have been removed and the sea trout,and salmon still have lice on them.what i have noticed is the salmon, are moving up the rivers much latter in the season,and they are coming back much smaller ,i have seen salmon which have which have come back after 3or4 yrs and only weigh a 1pound when they should 5/6pounds.And sea lice is it because they are staying in the sheltered bay waiting to go up the rivers for longer periods
, were the is bigger populations of sea lice.

Shark-to be honest its not my thing-OH is the fisherman-so just being the messenger!!  But I would imagine like everything going wrong in the world today there are many factors in play!

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