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.....and Thyme

I failed to cut back the sage last autumn and did it about a month or poss a bit longer ago to find it veeerrry woody   despite the warmer temps they're showing no signs of recovery.....are they likely to or should I dig them up and start again?

And my age old problem with thyme....I can't seem to grow well for more than one season without it going all woody and spreading from the centre despite regular haircuts and including regular usage

The lovage...and i'm vainly hoping the tarragon seem pretty indestructible

Any tips anyone??

here is a good article on thyme worth reading to the end

and this one on sage


update......the thyme is still woody and sprawly so i've decided to replace where necessary. The sages....which i was convinced had had it still have the woody stumps  apparent but have sprung back into life...

Tarragon has resprouted from nowhere and the oregano lovage and mint have gone loopy

If you dare, mow it, that refreshes mine every year!

Thyme gets to the point where it has to be replaced. After 6 seasons some of mine went to the burning pile to be replaced by new ones. Mind there are some forms of creeping thyme where you can grab some of the runners and pot up at the back end to let it develop roots for the new season.

Sage has a limited life before it goes woody and needs replacing - four years seems to be the optimum. Mind this season I thought my sage had done it's time. However, feeding with chicken pellets, a mulch of new compost and a good soaking with rain followed by some warmth and it looks fit for a bit longer.

They were all new plants last year Christine  

Then perhaps a good feed would help?

.....tho i prob wouldn't normally have started feeding just yet  and never thought about my herbs said the sages are springing into life now  so i'll let them put on a bit more growth

Without a doubt, give them a feed, its a wee late to trim them now, leave that until late on in the season.

I've got 76 pots of herbs on the go at the moment, as the second leaves appear I'll feed them.

I sowed about ten pots of sage seeds last year, all are thriving. I've mixed sage and strawberries in a terracotta strawberry pot and just have my first huge strains and the sage is loving it. First day on here so pics to follow

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