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We lost our lovely Alex to bloat/torsion this evening. No vet closer than an hour away. He did all he could, but to no avail.

We're both heartbroken - he was only 5.


 us    dogs, from us all here very sorry for you we remeber how it feels to lose a young one.

How awful. We are thinking about you.

So sorry to hear you've lost Alex - the grief will get easier as the good memories shine through and make you smile.

Alex will be running free over Rainbow Bridge with his friends from all over the world who are no longer with us.

You have my deepest sympathies. :(  Like most on here I know only too well the pain of losing a beloved companion.  Mrs WW is right, though, it does get easier and eventually the memories make you smile rather than cry.  

Hugs to you and yours.
Grandma Bodger

My deepest sympathy to you over the loss of Alex

So sorry  

Hugs to you & yours  

So sorry for your loss.
Dave C

I have been there with the same thing.
So very sorry for your loss

So so sorry  When a dog is loved they hold such a place in your heart.  Tears are in my eyes now thinking of your sadness

Thank you, everyone for your kind thoughts. We've spent today building Alex' grave - living on rock means building up rather than digging down. The basic structure is there, and will, hopefully, be finished tomorrow, weather permitting. Afterwards, it will be "finished" with local stone and become a garden seat.

This is Ebony's grave - the sundial on top was part of my leaving present from work. Alex' will be similar, but in a slightly different shape - higher, mainly, due to being in a more sloping area of the garden.


FWIW, I appreciate those who have commented separately on bloat. We heeded all the warnings - no exercise near food times, feed small meals etc. and it still happened. Unless you can get to a vet within minutes it seems that the chances of survival are slim. We were very, very unlucky, with a young and fit dog and doing everything we could to avoid it.

Little Tessa is a very sad girl today - can't work out where her friend has gone.


So sorry for your loss  

So very very sorry about Alex. Thinking of you xx

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