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Came home at teatime from a lovely sunny break of 5 days to find the village i live in flooded out and all the hives washed away i managed to save one hive the rest were under water too long the river was 4 ft above normal levels i chicken drown and a gander the house was fine but the sheds had an inch of water in them thankfully the flow as dropped now i will take a better look in the morning :banghead: just when things start goin right :banghead:

Oh no....
You hear stories on the news about the flooding but don't expect it to happen to you.
Let us know what happens Jim.

Sorry to hear about your losses Jim. I know it's heartbreaking when you've put so much effort in. Keep us updated.
green man

sorry to hear that Jim hope it all works out tomorrow, remember "and this too shall pass".

its suprising how a beautiful little brook can turn nasty in just a few hours this is the first time our little village as flooded one old girl as lived here 55 years and never ever seen it as bad all the houses on the side of the river were flooded out thankfully are side wasnt it must be dreadful to see your possesions uner water my bees can be replaced alot of their stuff cant

I'm absolutely gutted at the run of bad luck that you have been going through ! Easy for me to say mate but "Chin up"
A while ago you asked about gameness and I believe you actually have that quality yourself.

Hope tomorrow is a better day Jim. If you need help let me know. Not far away and have Landy, trailer, loads of power tools, and a will to help.

Thinking of you Jim, anything I can do to help mate

i recon a whip round for lloyd is in order,ime on benifits and am willing to contribute! maybe bodger can organise some thing? and itll need to be quick! i have money on tuesday.
mogs must be devastated........i am so sorry to hear of your troubles.....

i'm afraid i cannot offer any solutions, but my thoughts are with you, even if that is small consolation. all these things are sent IMHO to try us, and make us stronger, even if you cannot see it now.

yes you can replace the bees and hives, chicken and geese, and start again.....and on the bright could have been worse.

hopefully your insurance should cover it, if you have never been flooded before.


Thanks everyone for your thoughts todays another day weve been through worse and kept smiling no-ones died or got injured and thats the main thing Sebastian the gander was 22 years old ish and is miserable violent style will be missed i think the pup wont miss him :-) one good thing is the grass dont look that high now :-)


thats the way........things could have been a lot lot worse......and lets face wont have to cut the grass either.....

thinking of you.....

fish wrote:
i recon a whip round for lloyd is in order,ime on benifits and am willing to contribute! maybe bodger can organise some thing? and itll need to be quick! i have money on tuesday.

Put me down for a tenner - let me know where to send it...


Forget the whip round but thanks it was a kind thought you chaps always cheer me up you really do comin on this site and telling people your troubles always helps
Big it up to Bodge and Kaz for their great work and let it continue

Sorry to hear what happened Jim hope you manage to salvage most of your stuff.

Jim I have a few crazy coloured oxfords just waiting here for you and your next years dastardly experiments not too sure about the fig pudding but maybe bronze and rice pudding will come out Bodgers right you are game dont forget anything you want with feathers on is only a short ride away..

Thanks my little Welsh buddie

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