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Ryobi cordless power tools

I cannot fault tools from the Ryobi One+ 18 volt cordless range. I am a heavy handed professional user, and they stand up to the use and abuse that I give them. You may have seen them in the photographs of me building Fish's boat, Garden Archway, and ferret boxes. I have 16 different tools from the range and each of them is ergonomically designed for the user. One battery fits and powers all 23 different tools in the power tool range, and also 6 tools from the gardening range. If you need cordless tools for either DIY, professional work, or gardening, you are not going to find a better range of tools.
There is even a battery charger that plugs into the ciggy lighter socket in your car. Charging a One+ battery from completely flat to fully charged in less than 1 hour

This retailer has the range of gardening tools and batteries on special offer at the moment. The special offer price for the strimmer, and the hedge cutter includes the Batteries and chargers, and to buy the tool with batteries and charger is less than the usual price of the batteries and charger alone.

Here is a link to an Australian review of Ryobi 18 volt cordless one plus cordless tools.

And here is the 2008 catalogue.

There are now 35 tools in the one plus cordless range, and the new Lithium ion Batteries have just been released.

My local power tool parts shop were most underwhelmed by the Ryobi range, stating that parts were impossible to source for them, rendering them obsolete. (Bit like my Black and Decker plane, then?) rolleyes.gif

To date, I have not experienced any problems with Ryobi's service or product support. Having said that I have only used them on 3 occasions. 1) When I dropped a pistol drill 15 ft on to concrete, smashing the casing. Ryobi replaced it with to an up-graded model with out any question. 2) I had a battery charger die on me, again replaced without fuss. 3) Replacement plane blades after hitting a hidden screw. Straight over the counter at my local distributor.

I am very cynical when purchasing power tools. I have to really justify the purchase, and in the past I've never had two tools from the same manufacturer. So far I have only ruined two power tools. A cheap 4 inch Sealy angle grinder that burnt out after 10 years of medium to heavy duty usage, and a B&Q home brand 14 volt cordless drill which I dropped in the garden pond. After drying it out it did run for a while, but eventually burnt out.

This is the first time that I have nailed my colours to the mast of one manufacturer. I first bought a Ryobi cordless drill when I was working in the boat yard. I purchased on cost only, getting a variable 2 speed hammer drill, 1 battery and a charger for £79. I then purchased the hand held wet & dry Vac and Caulking gun along with another battery because I could justify them. The common battery, and the tool cost being the significant factors. A few weeks later the workshop compressor died, and I was forced into purchasing replacements for my beloved and aged air tools. The 10 cordless tool kit, on offer from machinemart was the most viable option for me. The cost was £400 for 10 tools, 2 batteries, a charger and an excellent carry bag. I could only really justify 6 of the tools in the kit at the time, but purchasing the whole 10 piece kit saved me over £45 on†the RRP of the six  individual tools that I required. Ironically I thought that I would rarely use the circular saw, but this has received some extreme use and abuse from me, even cutting 3mm thick diamond pattern steel walkway mesh, something that it was never designed for. By then I could justify the newly released 115 mm angle grinder, plane and rotary cutter, all 3 have undergone extensive use from me. I then continued to extend my personal range by purchasing a 2 piece kit containing Nailer/stapler and an orbital sander. I only wanted the orbital sander, but the combination of the two was £4 dearer than the sander on it's own, although the nailer/stapler is currently under used by me. The portable tyre inflator was next on my list, as I had just ruined yet another cheap 12 volt tyre inflator. This is currently slightly under used, but it has been most welcome when it has been needed. Blowing up the Fishes' air beds on the GCT, an inflatable boat back in late November, several punctures on my Push bike, inflating a tyre when Wendy and Ray were caught out with a flat spare, helping out one of my new neighbours who had a flat tyre, and general weekly tyre pressure checks on my car. The 2 gallon capacity wet & dry Vac was next to be purchased. This I bought because I required an extra pair of batteries and a charger, the complete Vacuum kit was only £4 more than the RRP of 2 batteries and the charger. The vac gets regular use around my flat, on my car, and has baled out the bilges on a boat that I have borrowed; not bad for only £4.

One of my criteria when purchasing a power tool is that it must cost less than £1 per hour of usage against purchase cost over an expected 3-5 years life span. Example; The †cordless 115 angle grinder cost me £69, and in the 8 months that I have owned it, over 100 hours of usage have been completed, which equals 100+/69= 1.5+, my target is to exceed a value of 1 over a three year period, so that is not a bad return for the first year. Most of the work undertaken with this grinder has been on-site weld preparation, and cutting fibreglass panels. This grinder has exceeded my initial requirements. So have the pistol drill, rotary cutter, impact wrench, caulking gun, Hand vac, orbital sander, circular saw, and Jigsaw. In my book that is an exceptional set of returns within the first year of ownership. Other tools from this range that are well over half way, regarding my requirements are the angle drill, a 2nd pistol drill and the plane, again all with less than 1 year of ownership. Under used tools include the reciprocating saw, which has only seen about 12 hours of usage, and the detail sander but these were part of the 10 piece tool kit, and so have effectively been written off. I doubt that I will ever reach the RRP/usage of the Nailer/stapler, but saying that it in reality it only cost me £4, and Ray has already used it in excess of 4 hours doing some upholstery. The 2 gallon wet & dry vac and the tyre inflator will, I am sure exceed their RRP/hours usage within 2 years.

So far the usage, and the abuse that I have inflicted upon these Ryobi cordless power tools, has made me a very happy man.

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