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Rudyard Lake.

Not quite in the days depicted in this link but Rudyard Lake used to be one of my old stomping grounds.

As a kid I recall that I entered one or two fishing competitions on the banks of the lake and later on, as a student at Leek College of Further Education, I went to one or two wild parties in the village. I remember opening a bottle of bubbly and getting the cork right in the eye. I've never been particularly bright.
Karen and I regularly took our own kids for rides on the miniature railway and for walks around the lake. I've got fond memories of Rudyard Lake and while all the pomp of a bygone age has all but disappeared, it's still worth a visit today.

It looked as if it was very popular back then  
Yorkshire Geordie

Just over the hill from my old Derbyshire stamping ground of Castleton.  
Can't say I've ever been specifically to Rudyard Lake but it certainly looks to have been very popular, and Buxton isn't too far away.  

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