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Ruddy plastic!......

The last delivery of hay is full of long strands of shredded black plastic!

Thank goodness I noticed - the ponies' owner normally fills the haynets and leaves them for me to put out at night - I thought initially it was clover hanging out of the net till I took a closer look, then found myself pulling strand after strand of black plastic out!

A closer look in the haystore (with a torch - no leccy there   ) revealed several bales full of it.

The supplier is only up the road and he's replacing it, no problem - but a gutfull of black plastic is no joke.

Having said that, a pal of mine once found an entire compressed bicycle in a bale of hay  

...found a community of squashed dead rats in a round bale once....

good job you spotted it!

I've found grass snakes before......LIVE  

That's a pain.  I'd be intersested to see the meadows the hay came from.  I know a few farmers round here who predominantley produce hay for their own beasts, their meadows are not easily accessible to the public - no rights of way/visible from the farm etc and as such, I reckon you could guarantee their hay to be clean and free from  any crap.  I have another mate who has a meadow which backs onto wasteland, has a couple of paths through it and therefore has a lot of unwelcome visitors.  I've looked after his animals a few times and you're always finding cans and other junk that some selfish sod has chucked away in his filed and has subsequently been picked up during haymaking.

Its the dried ragwort in hay and haylage that I'm always on the look out for. Our haylage comes from a sheep farmer and his sheep tend to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes one.

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