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Round Hay Bales

This year we have baled two fields because of the poor harvest last year. We have a surplus of approx 30 Round Hay bales. The hay was cut and baled in full sun and is now dry stored in the barn.
20 per bale collected from Louth Lincolnshire Loading no problem, or i can deliver Four bales on my tipper trailer for the cost of diesel. Pleas email me for a price to deliver.

Ive been asked if the hay contains any Ragwort the answer is NO absolutely nothing but pure grass  

i think sod might want some delivered

very good price - wish you were closer

Ack, we have got ours now, at the same price too I might add, from a local farmer friend! I will spread the word though, not sure if my friends at Alford (the western horse trainer) have hay sorted, I'll ask them tomorrow.

PS - they are having an open day on Saturday if you about!


Are you going ?   If so i may make sure im about  

Yep, I'll be there all day!

Here's the link fo Facebook -!/events/249198281866794/

And here is the website link -

goodlife wrote:
i think sod might want some delivered

Price is good here they are about 35pound can I have cost on fuel for delivery please

Could you pm your number please so I can pass it onto my friend?

All sold

Think we must be a getting a very good deal as we only pay 15 for round hay and 12 for straw.

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