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Rough and almost ready.

Rough and almost ready. Today I've spent the afternoon converting an old stable so that its ready to take some piggy refugees from our extremely swampy fields.
The last of my daughters old pony club horses went to the big stable in the sky just over twelve months ago and the pigs are going to be the beneficiaries of us not having any horses anymore. I've got another stable similar to this one to convert.
We've never ever had a winter like this one before and like many areas, we've more or less had heavy rain constantly since the end of October. Of course, I'd rather have the pigs out in the fields all year round but enough is enough. I've got a few finishing touches to do tomorrow but this is more or less the finished article.
I can't resist showing you a picture of our Bella. She's buried at the top of the fields.


Beautiful Bella
Hope the move of the piggies goes well

I'm going to move Milly the sow into it for a couple of weeks to give her some respite but in a few weeks time, I've got six hooligans to go off for the chop. I intend having them in straw for a few days to clean them off. Persuading the six of them to come through the orchard could be frantic. The ground is so wet, I haven't got a chance of getting the trailer up to them so a walk in the countryside is the only option for them.

Omg rather you than me, I'm worried enough about having to split off the ram from the ewes and load him up, but hat should be a doddle compared to piggy walking in the orchard!

We moved Milly into her new quarters this afternoon. She soon seems to have settled in.



she looks very happy

I bet she is delighted to be in the dry , well done .

Its blowing a gale here, so I've hung some heavy material down from the front rafter and propped some Perspex up against the gate.

Do pigs settle down together in places like that ? or is it only sibling ones that still do ?


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