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rouge locksmith

man came and told us we needed 2 new complete upvc lock sets at 100 each and 50 fiting them .ive been messing about with them and turned some screws on the inges and they are now like new .doors had just droped .why do people do things like this .he could of dun what i did and charged me 50 i would of been happy to pay that .
Grandma Bodger

good for you thats what I like to hear someone getting the better of a con man

least you sorted it and it only cost your time have you thought about reporting them?

My John repairs and services lawnmowers.

Recently we have been getting a lot of enquiries from mid Cornwall (about 20 miles away).

One gentleman told us that his ride-on mower was away (for 2 months) for a repair and a service and came back still not right.  john had a look at it, listened to it....sent the guy away for a coffee to wadebridge and fixed came back machine purring away beautifully, demo cut of our grass.  happy man.  John charged him 15 - an hour of my time, no parts he said.

Man then told us a certain company had charged him 600 for the same thing.

When he left John told me that the part concerned would have cost about a fiver.

So we have another new customer.

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