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Rotted horse manure - what to charge?

It's about time I bagged up some of the smelly gold on the muckheap, and put a sign out. How much should I charge?

As much as you can get but round here people put signs ip saying bring a bag and take what you want.
Maybe an honesty box to cover your bag costs unless your going to be able to monitor the bags all day

I think it's very much site/area dependent.

I live in suburbia, but country's on the doorstep. Bag of manure (in an re-cycled plastic feed bag) kind of half filled, and must weigh a couple of stones costs between 4 and 5 pounds. Buy it from a garden centre though and it's eight.
If you bring your own bag and fill it the local-ish stables ask three.

I'll go and pick it up from folk but only if they pay me  

RURAL here and i fetched approximately 4 ton  last october for the cost of bit of veg but used to live in suburbia ish and it was about 4 a bag then,guess its all depending on where you live and whats available locally

I gave mine away or they could come and PYO. Now i pay to get rid of it cos no one wants it, i cant give the damn stuff away


2.95 per generous black bag from the local garden centre in nearby village.

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