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Fowgill Farm

Roses & Rabbits!

We have an old prefab building still doing sterling service as a tractor/trailer shed, nicely re roofed after a snowfall thanks to the man from the NFU and partly obscured from view with a tall beech hedge. On the end of it I would like to put say a 3 or 4 ft rose bed but we have a hooligan branch of about 8 large rabbits who dwell in a warren of holes in the bottom of the opposite hedge. Will they murder my roses or are they too spiky for them or am I going to have to wall them in like fort knox with chicken wire? I really love roses and used to have wonderful rose beds over 10yrs ago (pre smallholding) and now i'm finally getting round to getting some semblance of order i'd like to have them again. This is 10 millionth generation of rabbits they have been cleared by experts   several times.
Northern Lass

I'm sorry to give you the bad news.

Rabbits adore roses, all roses, all parts of roses. They'll even eat the thorns!

You will need Fort Knox.  

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