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Rosehip Bucks Fizz

Another foray into the kitchen with my home-brewing kit.

OK, I know that strictly speaking a Bucks Fizz is made of two parts orange juice to one part champagne. But for the previous 2 Christmas's I have successfully home-brewed very tasty Bucks Fizz

Last weekend I set out to brew the Bucks Fizz for this Christmas, but Gareth Butcher who owns the Herbs & Spices stall on Norwich Market accidentally weighed out 60g of dried Rosehips instead of 60g of dried Elderflower. I did not notice the difference until I made the base "Tea" mix ...... at 6 days in it has a very pleasant taste so I am going to continue with it.


60g Dried Rosehips

750g white granulated Sugar

3 litres of Orange juice.

Boiling water


Place the orange juice, sugar and 55g of the dried Rosehips in a pan, bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes with a lid on. Allow to cool to room temperature, and sprinkle on to the surface the remaining 5g of dried Rosehips without sinking too many of them. Put the lid back on, and allow the pan to sit at room temperature for 3-4 days or until bubbles and a slight froth can be seen.

Boil sufficient water to top up the base mixture to 5 litres and allow to cool. Strain the base mixture through a fine sieve into a demi-john. pour the cooled water over the the Rosehips in the sieve and pour into the demi john. Fit a bubble trap and allow it brew for about 3 weeks.

Filter, and rack into Screw top plastic pop bottles (this is one of those lively, bubbly, fizzy, fermented with naturally occurring yeast,  and glass bottles could possibly explode under the gas pressure). Leave for another 2-3 days before drinking.  

This one should go about 2-3% ABV ....... more if left for longer.  

Sounds interesting  

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