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Roller blind kits

Has anyone made their own roller blinds for windows using the diy kits that are available.

We have a slight problem..... .... .... .... a few weeks ago we obtained some rather nice Bamboo window blinds in very good condition from Norwich Freegle. They fit the windows in our conservatory perfectly, but they required re-stringing because the linen type string they were supplied with was wearing through almost to the point of breaking.

No problem ..... I went on the Internet and bought 100 ft of desert cammo coloured 550 para cord. The colour of the cord compliments the bamboo blinds, so yesterday I set about re-stringing them.

Each blind required almost 30 feet of cord for windows with a 3ft drop..... no problem there, I'll just buy some more cord. So I hung the 3 blinds I had completed up in in the conservatory windows and then rolled them up ..... what a performance.

When the blinds are rolled up, I have got a double tail end of cord almost 13ft long that requires folding up into a hank and tying up out of the way.

Neither of us want to got through the performance of untying the hank, rolling the blinds up or down and then forming a hank in the trailing cord.

We have come to the possibility of two solutions: braiding suitable loops from the cord and rolling the blinds up by hand and slipping the loops over the bamboo .... not really a practicable solution when opening or closing the blinds on a daily basis, or alternatively buying a couple of ratcheting roller blind kits and fixing the blinds to these.

Any advice would be most welcome.

By ratchet you mean the ones with beads on the string don't you Gareth?  I reckon it's either use those, or use a couple of hooks, one at the base of the window and one at the top to 'double' the surplus cord up - a crude pulley so to speak.  If you co go down the ratchet option, it might be as cheap to go to somewhere like Ikea and but some sacrificial blinds, remove the original fabric and replace with your own.

I was thinking more along the lines of the pull down from the bottom until the rachet pawl latches, and then pull gently down gently to disengage the pawl, and let the internal spring roll the blind up type.

I've used roller blind kits before, with great success - but - with stiffened fabric, not bamboo. I'm wondering whether bamboo might be rather bulky when wound round the top pole.
Are yours more on a Roman blind system? (when you pull the cord it forms pleats) There's quite a lot of cord in a roman blind system, which you wind round a cleat fixed on the wall. You can, however, buy a roman blind kit  which works on the same principle as roller blinds - i.e. a continuous beaded cord on a ratchet system. Downside is they're v. expensive.

The bottom of the blind sits in the bight of the cord loop, and then rolls up when the cord is pulled. ...... I am a man; do you really expect me to know what differnt types of blinds there are and what they are called ..... to me they are either opened or closed    

aaaaah yes, with you now (I think   ) So it rolls up on itself?

So not as bulky as I thought - a roller blind kit might do the trick. Otherwise  just fix a cleat on the side of the frame to wind the cords round.

Get one roller blind kit to start with, see how you get on. You just cut the wooden pole to size then replace the end bit then tack the top of the blind to it. YOU MUST GET IT ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT or it'll wind up wonky. If it's bulky when wound up you might have to alter the fittings to get it away from the window a bit - but heck Gareth you can do that!

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