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Roe 4 pork

Did I get a good deal?

I swapped 1 roe of 16kg for the following

10kg of pork sauage, one bag missing in pic.
18kg of mince, one bag missing in pic (turned some of the mince into 64 burgers, the rest was bagged)
2x fore loin
3x belly
25x wienersnitzel
4x hock
4x hand
8x trotters
3kg spare rib
4kg of bones for the grill.
12x 500g course patè
2x 500g cheek meat (bottom pic)

I reckon I came out a winner. :thumbsup.gif:

All the hard work was done, all I had to do was bag and freeze it.

I do like a good swap/barter.

Oh........... I also gave a rammer of beer (24 cans) of which I drank 6. :foxes_6.gif:

Could not resist putting a tub of patè in a bain marie.

Hot toast with lashings of butter, warm patè topped with pickled cucumber and ground pepper.

It was so good......... I'm off to the kitchen to make another one, will be washing this one down with some turbo cider.


 What a bargain!

I think you won!

Agree with all above good one  

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