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Rod Licence.

Rod Licence ?
I paid thirty quid for a Rod Licence this morning. At the moment its raining heavily and the forecast is for it to carry on overnight, so my plan for tomorrow morning is to go down to the local stream and do a spot of fishing.
The stream is usually very clear, far too clear to fish, because the fish can see you a mile off but with a bit of colour in the water, its a very different story. I'll be slowing working the pools with a lightly ledger worm and letting the current take it down to the fish.
The stream is less than six foot wide in some places but it holds some very sweet tasting brown trout and it still boasts a good head of eels. Its a funny thing with these trout, the small ones are beautifully marked but the bigger they are, then the darker they get, until the big ones are almost black.
With a bit of luck I'm hoping to get a pretty instant return on some of the thirty pounds that I've just invested.
Yorkshire Geordie

Good luck on the   , Bodger.

Tight lines

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