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River Ribble

I was invited to join a small fishing syndicate on the River Ribble this year.  It's a lovely stretch (can't find my camera at the moment) and as well as trout, it's one of the few rivers in Yorkshire with a a run of Salmon and Sea Trout towards the end of the summer.  I went out last night for a hour to try my luck.  Fortunately I'd fed the family that night so the thumb sized trout that I did catch went straight back.

It didn't really matter though as it was a lovely evening, the woods on the other bank were carpeted with blue bells and on two or three occasions I had that wonderful blue flash as a king fisher did his low level raid across the top of the water.  As it got too dark to fish the roe bucks started barking in the woods prior to making an appearance for the evening.  It was just a great evening to be out in gods own countryside.

Oh, and to cap it off, I waded in and retrieved a swans egg that had noticed submergerd in the river near to a nest on a wee island last week - you should have seen my 3 year old's eyes this morning when I presented her with it teetering on an egg cup at breakfast time ''Daddy, I think I'll have to share this with my brother''  

You can't beat a bit of river fishing. I used to fish an equally idyllic stretch of the River Dane not too far from Congleton.

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