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River Cottage

The new series is just starting on Channel 4 - River Cottage - Winter's on The Way

really enjoyed it- would like to try some suicider

I enjoyed the programme as well.  The dropping of the peas ? Staged or genuine accident ? " I'll just wash them off in the horse trough"  

Bet there was a spare bag in the Landy

I hope there's another one on tonight.

I no longer have a TV ... ... ... gave it up last month when I realised that the annual licence fee was costing me over  1 per hour to watch the damn thing.

Have you got a link to the River Cottage podcasts please?

I'm not missing the TV, as I have got myself a decent (but ancient) Midi Hi-Fi  with AM/FM radio, CD player, twin cassette deck, and turntable, amp, and 4 massive surround sound speakers from Norwich freecycle.

My living room is only 10 ft X 12 ft and now I have it all in place and working, the sound is awesome ... ... ... I can't hear the neighboughs complain.    

Here you go Gareth

Thank you kind lady.

Is that the current series? OH was looking & they were all last years episodes.

(just checked & yes it is)

I watched River Cottage last night and I'm almost wary of saying that I enjoyed it.
He certainly makes a very entertaining and enjoyable programme. His formula is to  simply covers aspect of country life that many of us have been doing for years and presents it in a format that everyone can enjoy. He's a communicator par excellence and  the one thing that runs through all of HFWs work is his wicked sense of humour.

This trait certainly comes to the forefront when you see the prices that he charges the 'nouveaux country' folk for his courses.  More power to his elbow, I say.

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