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Rising oil and food shortages.

The man from Havanna may have some of the answers. If the Cubans can do it, then I'm sure that we can. Perhaps matters aren't quite desperate enough here yet.

There's the needs must and there's people won't.

Getting people won't to needs must is going to be a big shunt. And we don't live in a society where government can enforce its edicts.

And we don't live in a society where government can enforce its edicts

The current bunch of tossers don't seem to be doing too bad at it.

I saw that oil was has been predicted to go up by 20p a litre, saw this and thought of us.

Personally I'm all for these type of is already happening here in the UK...for a starter just look at the amount of forums like OTG, that are now available on line...."Power to the People"..  

Try and get an allotment!!!!!!    

Being more frugal and careful is becoming a matter of course in this house.  We have got shot of the tumble drier and John has installed a pulley (or dutch airer) above the kitchen woodburner.  The freezer is full of our own lamb, veg, apples & local caught(by us) mackerel.

The new woodburner with back boiler should keep us all toastie and the fuel is next to free.

Yes, Im feeling a little smug

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