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Had to put the old boy down last week, he was my daughters birthday present in 1994, the last one her mum bought her. Her mum died later that in June so he was as much a link to her as a well loved companion. He's put up with six kids growing up around him and has been patient and kind to them all.
He spent the last few months mostly asleep under the kitchen radiator and was 19 this February.
He's let a big gap in that kitchen.

What an sorry, understand the family links so well. RIP Jet. Sad, sad loss....
colour it green

sorry to hear this :(

Sorry Rhino, a huge loss.

so sorry Rhino. What a huge hole he will leave in your lives.  Run free Jet x

So sorry to hear your news rhino - it never gets any easier
What a wonderful age though, have you got any photos of him?

So sorry.A very special friend. I would love to see photos too x
Grandma Bodger

sorry to here about Jet may he rest in peace

It's not a great one but thats only a couple of months ago.

In the end he was virtually blind and stone deaf but if you dropped a piece of food he somehow knew and it would be gone in seconds.

Aww he looks a gentle soul.

Much sympathy Rhino.

So sorry Rhino~ Hugs to you and yours.

19 !!! - Wow that's fantastic!!!  It's a long time to know a dog, he will leave a big hole in your lives, but lots of wonderful memories I am sure.

So sorry to hear about your loss.  Our furry friends fill such a great space in our lives.  He's now pain free and running over Rainbow Bridge.  Your grief will get easier in time.  

Well we ended up with a little terrier bitch a few years ago  a rescue dog in the sense my lad knocked a traveller out and took her off him. She has totally become my dog she loves me.   . Jet and her went everywhere with me a until gradually he stopped being so eager and stayed under his radiator so it's been a very gradual and gentle progression. Now she's lying next to me under the blanket where he used to lie, all in all it seems a natural order is being followed so it's not really very dramatic just a sadness but also moving forward with young (9) pip.

So very sorry to hear   from us all furry and not, looks a loverly cuddly boy. Understand the special place he had we had same thing.

So sorry Rhino. Big hugs, Lizzie

So sorry to hear this Rhino. Sweet dreams Jet.

sorry for your loss

Thanks all as you say he leaves a big gap but others fill it in a different way and he really did have a bdooly good life  

I'm sorry to hear this, too.

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