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RIP Bramley.

After two hundred years, the original Bramley apple tree is reported to be slowly dying. I know it's only a tree but it's sad to hear that it's being neglected in its final years, when apple pie lovers all over the world owe it such a lot. We've got a beautiful Bramley here at home that never lets us down, it produces loads of big apples every year for us, even though it fell over many years ago.

That is such a shame. Hopefully science will be able to do something about it.

I have a very little (only 4 foot tall at the moment) Bramley apple tree in my garden and am protecting my crop of 1 apple like something possessed.


If it is the original Bramley where did the pip it grew from come from?

dtalbot wrote:
If it is the original Bramley where did the pip it grew from come from?

Good question!

If you take a pip from a Bramley apple and grow a tree from it, you wont produce a Bramley apple tree.
To produce an apple, then a single apple blossom has to be fertilised by pollen from another tree. The pollen could have come in on a pollinating insect from a different apple tree a good distance away.

That's where you get into the whole question of pollination partners for fruit trees. Game on and quite scientific.

Take two pips!  

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