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RIP Bobs

Our beautiful 17.2 Irish draft mare had to be put down yesterday afternoon.  Bobs (Robertas Pride) was the most gentle, afectionate mare you could every wish to meet and mother of our chestnut, Georgie Girl who is missing her terribly.

This was totally unexpected.  Bobs had been fine at 9.30 in the morning grazing in the field.  I looked over at 10.30 and she was laying down - Bobs very rarely laid down - I went over with the quad and she was down and gasping with blood pooring from her nose.  We called the vet immediately and he was there within 20 minutes.  There was nothing he could do and as Bobs was distressed the decision was made for her to be put to sleep.  

I don't know if animals know about death but Georgie and Bobby had pair bonded in the extreme to the point that you couldn't take one from the presence of the other.  We led Gerogie over to Bobs, she sniffed her face put her ears flat back to her head and screamed.  I mean really screamed.  She was then happy to be led away and out of the field...a complete first.  

Gerogie is now at my friends yard for the time being where she has a new companion by the name of Pandora who is a retired palamino.  Georgie is not screaming her head off for Bobs at all which is a real surprise as under normal circumstances she would be kicking the stable down so perhaps she does understand that Bobs has gone.

Bobs has been buried in one of our fields.  As she was not part of a business the vet said that we could.

RIP Bobs.  We all miss you but are thankful for the time we were anble to spend with you. so very sad it wasn't longer.

I am so very sorry to hear this.
You must be shellshocked.
I have heard before about a horse being allowed to see a dead horse friend, and realising it had gone. I am sure they must know.

Run fast and free, Bobs, with the wind in your tail and the sun on your back. Loved to the end.

That is such devastating news Debbie

RIP Bobs

I hope that Georgie is able to settle with a new companion.

My thoughts are with you and Simon.
Rare one

so very sorry to read of the loss of what sounds very much a special friend may you have lots of happy memories  God Bless.

Thinking of your loss debs.

debbie, do they know what was wrong with her?

i am at a loss what to say, as i know how i would feel if it were one of my horses.....

thinking of you.....
agapanthus sad for you  

Poor Bobs    
green man

Poor Debbie, Heart felt sympathy to all your family thank goodness you found her when you did.

Thank you everyone for your support.  We are still a bit shell shocked really.  Georgie is OK - eating fine and her and Pandy pull faces at each other but are fine together.  Simon rode Georgie in the school today - she hasn't been ridden for a year.  We thought it would give her something else to think about and it certainly seems to have - and she was as good as gold ...when we left her half an hour ago she was blowing contentedly and eating a hayledge net and Pandy couldn't believe her luck of a deep straw bed to her self and not be jostled by 10 other horses in the yard.

Bobs now rests in one of our fields just 20 yards from her field shelter.  Simon is going to fence the area and we will plant some fruit trees there and sow the area with meadow grasses and flowers.  The vet doesn't know what happened to Bobs.  She had mild COPD and he thinks that it was possibly some old laisions on her lungs that may have caused the problem - we have only had her six years.  It was all very sudden and I was a bit too shell shocked to ask many questions I just needed to do what I thought was was best for her.  He had said that they could try some stimulants etc but he didn't expect them to work because of the amount of blood and her heart rate (very very fast) and that we would have to wait 2 hours to see if they would have any effect and even then it may not have been permanent.  As much as we didn't want to loose Bobs we didn't think we could put her through 2 hours of stress when the end result would probably have been the same just on an off chance.  I don't know but we did what we thought was best for her at the time but of course you can't help thinking what if?

Debbie - I am very sorry to hear your sad news. How utterly awful for you. Always so hard to lose an animal they are part of the family. Any ideas what the reason for her sudden decline was??Love and hugs Lizzie
green man

If it was a human being we were discussing I would say it sounds like a massive anurism rupture, the outcome was inevitable .


Posting these for Debbie
She was a big, beautiful,kind girl and she did like her peppermint Aeros (that's if Simon didn't get to them first)
She will be greatly missed



Lovely photos Petal, especially the 2nd.

green man wrote:
If it was a human being we were discussing I would say it sounds like a massive anurism rupture, the outcome was inevitable .

it does sound like it, there was a horse in the fields next to ours, had one last week, it was only grazing in the field, next thing the owner had a call to say it had been down for ages and they didnt want to go over the field to check it because they didnt know anything about horses, all they could see was a pool of blood around its head
it was too late by the time the owner got there. the vet was called and she said that thats what it was by the looks of things.
its sounds very simlar to what bobs had.


She was absolutely beautiful and other than offer my heart felt sympathy I really don't know what to say, God Bless

debbie wrote

I don't know but we did what we thought was best for her at the time but of course you can't help thinking what if?

debbie, please dont think what did what needed to be done. you stopped her suffering...she is now at peace.
try to take comfort from her daughter, she can help you as much as you can help her......

Heartfelt sympathies Debbie. It's a dreadful loss isn't it.

She was a beautiful girl - the absolute image of my beautiful big grey Telstar, who was found in his field with a broken back one morning, shortly before he and I were due to move up here to North Wales.

You did your best for her and you will have wonderful memories of her.
welsh lamb

So sad to hear this

Beautiful, beautiful mare, so sorry to hear of her loss, take tcomfort though, you made the right descision for her.

Sad to hear of your loss are thoughts are with you

Jeni & Richie

So sorry to hear of your loss Petal, but you did what was best for her. Our thoughts are with you

So sorry for your loss     She was lovely and you did all your best for her.

Rest in Peace beautiful.


RIP to your beloved Bobs.. she obviously had a wonderful life with you.
How astute of your other horse to 'know'. They truly are amazing and I'm sure Bobs loved you as much as you clearly loved her.

I'm so sorry for your loss :( Sleep tight Bobs in horsie heaven x

She certainly was a beautiful girl, such a shame but you made the right decision, still very hard though.

We lost our ID/TB in November, she was 17 and had been with us from a foal. When we buried her our other horses stood quietly along the paddock fence watching her being carried into the field. After she was placed in the ground they all turned and walked away without any fuss at all.    

Its good that your other horse has a new companion

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