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RIP Billy

We lost little Billy last week to an accident at home.  He was running in the "dog yard", a 50' x 100' fenced area, with Reiver.  He somehow suffered a severe neck injury and was paralyzed.  I made the choice to put him down.  It's been a gloomy week, he was two years old, my little buddy and a very good boy.

Such a shame!  Run free Billy x

Run free Billy over Rainbow Bridge.

My thoughts are with you and family LWD - it's never easy losing one of our furry family members.  In time, you will remember the good times when you think of him and there will be laughter at his antics.

Oh damn Yvonne.

Yes, damn.

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this. What an awful thing to happen  

So sorry  

My thoughts are with you LWD.  

Thank you, everyone.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Gone but not Forgotten
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