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Ringing the changes?

I'm only very much a rookie when it comes to gardening but I'm already looking forward to next year and what new vegetables I'm going to try and grow. I fancy adding garlic, squash and leeks to my portfolio, so I'm going to give them a go.

I did pretty well with the onions, cucumbers, peppers and chillis this year, whats going to be new for you?

I have failed miserably this year. A combination of illness, an expanded order book, adding new products to the range and legal problems have all exacted a toll on my general gardening in general and especially my 9 sq/mtr project. Add to that a multitude of pests this year eating virtually everything we have grown, and the discovery of the Spanish Super Slug in our area and in our garden........... the bdooly things even eat Rhubarb leaves and dead birds!

However, I have been cigarette free for well over 6 months now and have suffered virtually every minor illness you can think of as my body has been trying to repair the damage caused by 35 year of heavy smoking............
but so far by not smoking I've saved more than enough money to treat us to an 18 night holiday in India.................(but we have done extremely well with internet deals and have paid less for holiday in India than for a holiday in Great Yarmouth!).

So when we get back from our holiday, and although we will be in the throes of winter I am going pick up the 9 sq/mtr project again and along with putting in a little more effort, I am going to apply some of the knowledge and experience I have gained
Grandma Bodger

congratulations Gareth in giving up smoking there will be no holding you now

Where are you going Gareth??? Have been to India several times and loved it. Have a fab holiday!

Well done it's the best present you can give yourself  
Dave C

We'll done pal.

Looking ahead to next year I am hoping that Santa brings me a small poly tunnel.


Did well with potatoes, tom's and courgettes, and a couple of pumpkins for the grandsons.
Soft fruit strawberries were coming along nicely until the slugs and birds got them.
Salad stuff was plentiful, in fact there are more to come in the poly tunnel.
With only 3 smallish beds in use this season, not a bad result me thinks. Next season will have at least 4 more beds to use and if possible to finish them in time maybe 2 more.
This should enable me to grow more and not have to wait for beds to be cleared before planting brassicas ect.
Exactly what to grow next season, not quite made my mind up yet, that's something to ponder over during the coming winter nights going through catalogues..
Happy growing....

I'm going to have a bash at everything that I've grown this year, plus the three newbies that I've mentioned, garlic, squash and leeks.

We grew nothing this year  

We have yet to get veg beds dug but when we do we shall be growing the basics. We shall miss the polytunnel.

One thing we do plan that is new is asparagus - we have never done it because it takes so long to come to maturity. If we had done it, we would be enjoying it by now  
So, a permanent asparagus bed is planned, if we can dog proof it!

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