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Ringbolt Hitching Key Ring

Ringbolt Hitching Key Ring
My nephew wanted a large key ring for his motorboat.  He liked this.
I started with 6' of 550 paracord.  I left 6" tag end of cord at the beginning and began single strand ringbolt hitching around a 1 1/2" OD steel ring.  Tied the 2 ends using a diamond knot relative.   Had about 4" of cord left over .
Yorkshire Geordie

Cor - lovely result.  
It's definitely not for nothing when knots can be tied with an outcome so wonderful.  
Rick & Carol

looks smashing  

Lovely and amazing.    

fab looks just wonderful thank you

Thanks for the kind words everone

I prefer this alternate ending.   I took the two ends and tied them into a 4 bight, 3 lead Turks Head Knot. Saw the idea in rein endings in Bruce Grants "How to make Cowboy Horse Gear".

The Turks Head knot doubles nicely.


You can find a tutorial for ringbolt hitching at  I can post the tutorial here if anyone would rather stay on site.

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