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Riding lesson this morning...

Off mini-show jumping Saturday so went to get some practice in! Horse looks great, I look like a tub of lard...

Dave C

Horse looks well  

Elbows in, look up and ahead and BREATHE!! I can see you're holding your breath from here

Good effort though and hope the competition went well!

*whispers* ps, I am a BHS reg riding instructor ;)

You look like a racing snake to me Dingers.

I've been to a few shows since this picture! highlight was winning in a class of 13!

Not ridden in a few weeks, been up to my ears in work! Hoping soon for it to slow down a little though me and Pete are going beach riding as soon as the permit arrives.  

Gotta get the clippers out, they are all looking a tad hairy these days....!

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