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Rhug Estate

I've mentioned this place before, but if you have a few minutes, take the time to have a look through their website. They've got plenty of money behind them of course but it would be nice if more and more farms could follow their example.
They have a niche market where their products are able to demand and get a premium price and I realise fully that its only a small percentage of farmers that can put themselves in this position. I wonder how the credit crunch has hit their end of the market ?

We often stop in there on the way back from seeing family. It has gone down hill recently & the "fresh" meat on display does not look its best (this was just before xmas). They seem more interested in selling burgers & hotdogs. Also all the factory produced frozen items (just like the ones in Glasfryn) dont do it any favours in my opinion. They do have a good range of other product though.


oh.gif  oh.gif  Bit pricey  oh.gif  oh.gif

Very pricey but they are very busy.

I wouldn't say that the place had gone down, if anything, I'd say that they were constantly improving and on the up.

The rest of the place was ok it was just the fresh meat counter. I would not have bought anything off it. I bet it was due to low sales in the two weeks before xmas as people were waiting for the xmas meat hampers.


I've had some fantastic meat from there - but I bought it on special offer as full price is def out of budget.

The butcher was OK but it's sad that the staff in the shop have always been incredibly rude everytime we've been. No matter how good the meat/produce is - I've deliberately not returned bc of their rudeness.

When you go to Rhug, you're making an effort to travel there (it's in the middle of nowhere) to buy their stuff. The bare minimum they can do is ignore you if being friendly is too hard.

weve stopped there a couple of times recently, very busy of course. One thing i noticed, all there beef was Aberdeen Angus, i would have thought being in Wales they would have Welsh Black beef. Staff were fine though

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