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Rhubarb whiskey

I have just been having a look though the freezer and found 8 bags of rhubarb.

I then went to the drinks cupboard and found I had 5.1/2 bottles of cheap whiskey, we normally use in irish coffee.

I was thinking if I could blend the two and get something that was fairly drinkable.

Maybe you would use a different type of booze or add something else besides sugar.

What do you think...........any ideas.

I reckon you'd need to intensify the rhubarb flavour by turning it into a syrup before adding to the whisky? I think the flavours would work really well together though, especially if you added a touch of ginger?

I've had blackcurrent whisky of the lads at the shoot last year brought some in. It was absolutely beautiful! I reckon the rhubarb would work really well too  

Rhubarb & Whisky spell double yeuch for me but I think it would work.

I'm making Sloe Whisky this year. A friend has a taste of some last year and liked it - Christmas Present sorted

Well the deed is done.

Three small mixes to see how they turn out.

Rhubarb and whiskey

Rhubarb and whiskey with ginger

Rhubarb and whiskey with vanilia

They are now in my steeps cupboard and will be shaken everyday for the first week and then left for a couple of months.

Depending on the out come, I might have to change the ratio around a little.


What was the mix  if you dont mind me asking?

As this is just a trial run, I used half and half in this case 300ml of each, 4g ginger and half a vanilia pod, but all can be changed if needed.

As I used rhubarb syrup I might have to thin it up a little next time, as this lot was fairly thick.

I you are going to have a go then maybe you could use different ratio's and we can compare notes in a couple of months time.

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