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Reverand James

No nothing too religious, we're just finishing a few cans of Rev James bitter this evening, what are you drinking?   We tried sitting outside infront of the brazier but the cold has forced us to retreat indoors. Roll on the summer.

PS. It must be cold, because Karens just put the electric blanket on.

It's rained here and been horrid for most of the day. The afternoon saw us sitting by the wood burner eating fresh home made bread and jam. This evening drinking just apple juice.
Yorkshire Geordie

Mrs YG took me to The Kings Arms in Otterton for dinner tonight and I had a pint of Proper Job (brewed by St Austell Brewery) to go with my 3 Devon sausages, mash and onion gravy.
The meal was definitely a Proper job 'n all and the sun retreating behind the nearby cob and thatch was pretty too.  

I got home and found out that Manchester won 2-1 after extra time - so everything is right in this neck of the world, I presume.  

A nice rooiboos as it happens well, it is breakfast time now.

It's not cold here, though that might be just us since we've all been in short sleeves for the past couple of months anyway, but the damned midgies are back and sitting out of an evening just does not happen  


Sauvignon Blanc with dinner of fish, new pots and cauliflower cheese.  

The pub 100 yards from our house has changed hands  and had a refurb, so we called in yesterday afternoon.
Shame they know nowt about keeping the cask ales they advertise.
Cloudy, floatybits, rank smell.
This does not auger well...

Is auger a posh word for poop ? There can't be any excuse for a pub to serve poorly kept beer. Not an auspicious start for the new publican.
Our eldest lad set off home to Brecon about an hour ago, so that's me off the beer for the next few weeks.

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