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I've just managed to shoot two magpies with my air rifle.

Like most people, we are inundated with magpies. I'm always on the look out to trim their numbers and when I heard a couple scolding each other in the garden I sneaked out to see what I could do. I crept up along the hedge and saw one on the floor eating a frog of all things. I managed to roll it first shot but was careful to stay out of sight. I could still here another one up in the canopy. I quickly reloaded and sure enough a rather upset parent bird came down to see what was happening and bink ! I'd got another one. Thats good news for the songbirds that we try and encourage to visit and nest around our place.

PS. I'm afraid the frog was beyond help. :kermit:

Very good going Bodger! I too take as many as I can each year, but sometimes it's like swimming against the current.

I use a larson trap all year round too.

Keep it up mate.  


Thats  four with the rifle this year. Like you say, its just a drop in the ocean

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