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Renault Kangoo Fuel System Problem

I am having problems with my Kangoo 1.9 RN Diesel, air is getting into the fuel lines via a pourus fuel primer bulb, this bulb is situated just before the deisel filter. I can get a generic / patterned bulb - but this is an in line or 'straight through'. The correct one has a 90 elbow at its base & sits vertically. I have a clear plastic fuel line, that hose tails on the bulb push into (i suspect that this tube is heated to allow this)

To make a repair I would need a hose joiner & a short length of fuel hose, along with the generic  bulb. - would altering this affect the vehicle passing it's MOT.
I can get a 10mm OD hose tail elbow to use in place repair of the straight joiner,this will keep the primer bulb vertical & do a neat repair.

Only other option is Renault dealer part @ 68 - comes already fitted with clear hoses & snap on fittings- but this involves removing the air box etc
The clear fuel line is semi rigid (probably shaped under heat)

I gather these bulbs are common on french cars & often fail. I do not have 68 to waste but do not wish to do a repair that won't pass muster

i wouldnt think it would make any difference to the MOT at all. Where you might have a problem is if you chage the diesel filter it would it more difficult to bleed the filter  

I'd do your repair, don't worry about it they won't bother unless it's leaking fuel.

They won't look at that in the MOT. Your idea of a repair sounds fine.

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