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Remove rust stains from stainless steel

I left a piece of metal on a stainless steel table and there are rust stains on the table.  Anyone know a good way to get this off?

Also, rust stain on a polmer cutting board?

For removing stains and rust from stainless steel (and chrome, ally, brass, bronze, etc.)

I normally use Solvol Autoso, a lint free cloth, and some elbow grease.

You should be able to buy some from the auto parts shop.

Jewelers rouge is also good.

Whatever you do BB don't use wire wool that would make the problem worse despite it being a seemingly logical choice.  Us a cloth as Gareth says, or a good alternative are the plastic scourers you use for washing up.

You should be able to buy a proprietry cleaner from a hardware store or welding store.  Or alternatively you can use phosphoric acid.  

I got the acid bit from a brewing site on cleaning kegs - here's a link to the British Stainless Steel Association which actually reiterates the use of bth the acid, and the auto sol that Gareth suggested

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