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Remember this?

Heres one that even you young sprogs will remember. On this day in 2003 the temperature in Britain exceeded 100 F. for the first time. God it was hot wasn't it?

Eight years on and the rain is hammering it down here and we have a small fire lit.

It's miserable here for summer--no fun with a 4 year old who just wants to go to the beach.

I remember that. It was my mums birthday and she'd booked a session of pitch and putt (I can't stand golf at the best of times). We got there and the tarmac was practially melting and I asked if we were really going through with it. I was met with bemused looks. My sisters kids lasted about 10 mins of looning around before they had to go cool down and my mum, who had come out without a hat, lasted another 5 mins or so. We all went back home and she had to go lie down as she was overheating.
And at that time I was stuck in an overcrowded cube farm of an office, with no A/C. Earning a lot of money though.
Think I prefer things now.

I remember that day too. It is my birthday and for that one my husband had given me a large pair of knickers with 'BIG is BEAUTIFUL' printed on them  It was my only gift from him and he couldn't understand why it was 100 degrees outside but in our car coming home from holiday it was ****** freezing    This year I got a necklace  

Happy birthday Lizzie

That was the year that persuaded us to get a 15 foot swimming pool - I don't think any other year was warm enough to use it

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