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Reed Diffusers

Does anyone use them about the house?

More importantly, does anyone have any advice on "creating" the scented oil at home rather than paying the extortionate prices in retail stores?

I'm thinking I'd like to make some "flavoured" with garden herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme - for use around the house in the Winter months to cheer things up a bit.

From memory - I think our member Gareth got into aromatherapy oils in a big way - I'm thinking you need a carrier oil? into which the "flavours" are imparted by bashing to release the natural oils and then maturing them in the carrier oil for a while?

Almond oil is the most popular carrier, I think? I made some rosemary oil a while back by gently heating the herb in the oil for an hour (without it boiling though!), then letting it infuse for a couple of weks. It definately had the rosemary essential oil through it, even though I was doing it as an experiment  

Thanks Stu - is almond oil relatively cheap?  Where can it be bought in bulk (well, not poncy little bottles anyway)?  Any ideas?

Can't remember how much it was, Teri, sorry I only bought a 500ml bottle though, & I seem to remember paying around a fiver? Was a couple of years ago now though..................I bought it at the chemist  

Cheers Stu - will have a mooch around the chemists locally and then have a look see on line to see what's occurring  

You can extract the essential oils yourself: but it is a long and time consuming process which can turn out to be expensive if you don't keep a tight control on the project.

I did cover aromatherapy in a very long thread on OTG about 2 years ago, check it out here:http://overthegate.myfreeforum.or...2.html&highlight=aromatherapy

Aromatherapy essential and absolute oils do seem to be very expensive; I have invested around 500 in just the oils alone over the last 4 years, but like everything else it is realitive. A bottle containing 10ml of an essential oil for approx 5, or a bottle containing 2.5ml of absolute oil for approx 20 seems to be very expensive, but when you take into consideration the amount of raw material and energy that is needed for the extraction process it all starts to make some kind of sense. However it is not all doom and gloom as 10 ml of an essential oil, or 2.5ml of an absolute oil will go a very long way, and as only 1 drop is used at any one time, they will last a long time before you have comsumed a bottle.

Over the last 4 years I have only replaced 2 X 10ml bottles; Lavender and Y'lang Y'lang, and I use my oil burners 5 nights each week, or all day if we are at home on the weekend.

You may like to try a few leaves of your chosen herbs in a tea light heated ceramic fondue set, and it will work, but you will not experience the full effect or pleasure that the essential oils will give to you. Carrier oils such as Grapeseed, Almond, even Rapeseed, and Sunflower seed are really only needed for massaging, and it is far better to just use tiny amounts of the neat oils if you are using the normal tealight heated diffussers. Like I said 1-2 drops will last for up to 6 hours.

Yet again I am going to recommend Neoils: Their prices are more reasonable than most of the high street outlets, they have an excellent selection, and most of them are Distilled here in Norfolk, the quality is exceptional, their service is excellent and their P&P is also well priced.

Thanks for the info Gareth    At the moment, I'm really only looking for a bulking carrier oil as I intend to make my own essential oil to add to it for the scent - more so than the health benefits given (well, I'm going to have a go at it anyway as an experiment).  If it fails, I have a fair few essential oils tucked away.

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