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Redcurrent bush

I don't what has happened to my red current bush, all was fine lot of fruit, until four days ago, when I started to notice it was loosing its leaves.
I have looked for anything on or around the bush, but can't find anything. what ever has eaten the leaves seems to now have stopped.
The fruit has not been touched just the leaves, the black current bushes that are placed on both sides of it have not been touched either, so I'm confused as to what has eaten the leaves on the red current bush.
Both sorts red and black are about 10 years old, but give fruit every year and in good quantity.

Any ideas?


We once had a worm type critter bore into the main root of our little blueberry bush. The result looked similar to your bush only mine was a bit young yet for fruit at the time. Can you check the root system? Sadly, when I uprooted the dead bush is when I found the culprit.

Eta~the berries usually are the last to fall off.

Again it could well be sawfly.
Some one asked about this a couple of days ago, reference gooseberries.
There seems to be an invasion of the little blighers this year.

Does look depressingly sawflyish

Never had sawflies here......methinks I'm more glad than even I could know.  

'Twas I

I have moved my other soft fruits away form my goosegog bush after reading that the sawfly will have a go at them too.

Mo wrote:
'Twas I

I have moved my other soft fruits away form my goosegog bush after reading that the sawfly will have a go at them too.

That's the problem with them, they breed, drop off as larve, start all over again from the soil.
They can and will continue to breed on taller trees, apple, plum and so on.
A 'begger' to get rid of once they have invaded.

As said there are chemicals which help or good old back breaking work, removal of soil.
However as I understand it, they do not live that deep in the soil.
But what do you do with the soil dug out?

In the past around low fruit bushes, when I had the allotments, piled it up around in a circle to make a fire pit to burn my rough rubbish.
Plenty of eer!...fuels to get the fire going.?...turps, cheap petrol.
Brambles and so on. It seemed to work.

Not exactly Ofay these days...but.....

Seems, maybe, Diatomaceous Earth might just be the "man for the job" .

Thanks for your help.

After your suggestions as to what hit my redcurrent bushes, I have come to the conclusion its.........sawfly.

I'm thinking about moving the redcurrent and blackcurrent bushes to another high bed in a different part of the garden.

If I wash the roots immediately after digging up so there is no soil left on roots, then replant immediately after washing, in new soil, will this get the better of the sawfly

Or should I just dig up and burn, then purchase some new plants.

I have an idea for some moveable high beds, but thats for another thread.

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