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We are blessed to be in Red Squirrel country and have seen quite a few but what really pleases us is that we have a regular visitor.


Lucky you, we only have the grey around here, great pic

WOW !!

They are one animal they should have brought here I think they are loverly
Yorkshire Geordie

Great photo, Mo.    


Lucky you!!

You are so lucky Mo , even when I went to Scotland I did not see one

Blimey, as others have already said, you are so lucky to have them.


A proper squiggle!

He's here every morning, comes along the wall from the bridge over the beck. Sometimes he pays an afternoon visit too.

you are so spoilt    Do people feed them

I hope so.

We started by putting out peanuts in shells then, after reading up some more, we have supplemented this with other nuts and apple and stuff.

I always thought that they hibernated, but they don't.

We've reported the sighting to the Northen Red Squirrel organisation (can't recall proper name at the moment).
We think there's another with different tail markings but we'll only be sure over time.

We now know there are definitely 2 visiting, one was exiting stage left as another came along from the opposite direction. But we also think there is at least one more who because the one we see in the evening seems to have a nearly black tail.

I think I need a day of sitting still with a camera  

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