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Red Squirrels

I think I have mentioned before that we get red squirrels visiting us?

What we didn't realise was that one had a drey in one of our trees - well hidden!

The problem was that the drey was above the pig pen, and pigs are noisy neighbours for squirrels.

One day, not long after the pigs arrived, I 'wasted' a whole day watching Mum move her kittens.
It was a long journey for her, round the pig pen and down along our dry stone wall. She moved 4 kittens that I saw.

Not wanting to scare them I didn't want to run out with my camera and, for a lot of the time, the kittens were hidden beneath her bushy tail as they moved. One, however, had to be carried just like cats carry their young.

This is probably the best shot I have with one of the youngsters in the foreground with it's back to me.


Brilliant Lucky man to have those as close neighbours, and excellent to get a photograph too.

We have greys :sigh: though there are reds nearby.


We spotted a grey last year and reported it. The Ranger supplied us with a trap but we only saw it the once. They're not welcome in these parts.

As for the reds, we see them most days - and we do appreciate how lucky we are.

PS - I'm a girl  

    ooops    sorry Mo, me too



They look so cute and must be great to watch  thank you for the photos

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